The social media personality who found fame as the creator of his self-titled YouTube channel.

He started making videos when he was having a lot of problems in memorizing kinds of stuff and he tended to forget a lot of things and he never really remember the vibe or the activities
So he started making videos that he could watch in the future to relive some things. (this was on a whole different channel back in 2015)
He started his YouTube grind again on the channel “Dizzy Dyl” on 14th May 2018 and his channel started to grow faster as the videos started getting more entertaining. One of the most successful videos was “Asking inappropriate questions in-store”.
Currently, he has over 78.1 K subscribers on YouTube with over 1.9 million total views. He is very fun to watch and I am sure our audience will like this though it’s kind of different from what we usually do.