It’s been a while that we did not have a real moment of Rock music. Something to make your soul moving. Well, we were not disappointed with our latest discovery: His name is DripLee, and he is coming straight from California.

Cruelly powerful, DripLee‘s music, full of deep voices over Bad Brains-ish guitars and lyrics carnage, is compelling. His latest single “Famous” illustrate our point and has an incomparable attitude.

This unorthodox way to do music changes us from conventional habits. Let us illustrate our point: Intense guitar melodies as we can find in rock, interesting electronic touches, and noise coming from nowhere: simply a unique and strong artistic research. And alternative rock has always been one of my favorite genres. It fills you up with so many emotions all at once.

DripLee has managed to create that magic in “Famous” and we are enjoying it thoroughly. There are elements of pop and hip-hop blending in too, but honestly, this is just a beautiful alternative rock song. I love that music this artistically pure and good still exists. Let’s hope it gets the exposure it deserves.

The instrumental is everything that we like: minimalistic, mystic, and heavy. We told you, it made our day! Thank you, DripLee!

Listen to it right now, but be careful, you might be addicted: