Today, we had the pleasure to meet with our artist Trilla Kid, who we discovered thanks to his unique discography, and his new single “Animal”, surprised us from the first notes thanks to his vanguard recipe of emotional rap and the music hints which is the opening track  from his upcoming album “ANIMAL”

Ultimately, the vocals command much of the attention, but the music itself is well choreographed and energizing. The impressively complex songwriting structure is evident, even within what presents as a fairly minimalist mix. Animal is a great song, characterized by impeccable timing.
The excellent sonic clarity amplifies the track’s lyrical expressions of sensitivity and vulnerability. Musically, the song is deeply moving. Trilla’s single “Animal is a unique piece from the album which is yet to be discovered still, also providing a more natural-sounding beat and Kid’s spitting raw aggression. Vicious bars and energy set the vibe.

The lush productions and talented artists is what we want our redaction to emphasize mainly and so the singer’s talent and addictive energy is what we expect to lead by and Trilla Kid is not any from far from this vicinity.

Play Animal Now and check it  for yourself: