SPOTLIGHT ON 33 Huncho and Swayze of EDC

People cannot form a connection with their souls unless they listen to music. If they do not listen to music, they are either devils disguised as humans, or they have given up on life. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The point is that music is a distinct form of art.


As evidenced by the way instrument vibrations and sounds interact with our brainwaves and hearts, music is so much more than something that technology co-opts. As music fans, we are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing.


We have brought you this outstanding, musical band. In a world where it is easier to copy and paste what’s popular rather than develop something original and genuine. And today’s topic is “EDC”.


The EDC group consists of artists such as 33 Huncho, Swayze, and J Baby. These artists are extraordinarily talented, and their song “Talk to me nice” is proof of that. But, before going into the song, the leys tell us how they got together.


The three musketeers met at an event and following their admiration of each other’s talents, they went into the Studio, made music, and became a part of the Rap/ Hip Hop Scene. Their FLow, vocals, and lyricism formed a musical group called “EDC”.


“Talk to me nice” is a perfect blend of calm melody with lyricism reflecting their past struggles and difficulties they were facing at one point in their life but now music led to this position which they never expected in their life.


So what are you waiting for?

Go and Stream “Talk to me nice” on Spotify.