Sam Lachow sells out Nuemos for an epic night

February tenth Sam Lachow took to the historic Neumos stage by storm once again, bringing a Thursday night livelihood that our region continues to thrive on. 

Sam Lachow has been a staple in Seattle Hip Hop for over a decade, dropping his first project Brand New Bike in July 2011. He took the region by storm when he released his highly acclaimed Huckleberry in 2014, featuring some of his most popular tracks to date such as Treehouse and Banana Goo Pie. Lachow has been one of the most consistent artists in Seattle since 2014, dropping project after project gaining millions of streams. 

The show featured rising Spokane rapper Jango, who took the stage in his signature ski-mask and crown. Lachow claimed on his instagram story that Jango is “one of the most talented performers I have ever seen” and attendees could very quickly see this was no understatement. Vinnie (brother of Seattle star Ryan Caraveo) took the stage next with a sound reminiscent of Big Sean and Bryson Tiller at their peak.

Lachow took the stage with his signature cartoon-like visuals behind him, and immense energy. Accompanied by live keys, a DJ, and saxophone player, you could hear 100’s of devoted fans belt out Lachow’s classics word for word. Sam went through his energetic singles, celebrating life, Seattle, and Capitol Hill. He then entered a unique and powerful set of songs, paying a powerful tribute to his late friend and Seattle rapper Steez. Visuals of Stem and Lachow looped behind as Steez’s family watched Sam Lachow pour his heart out, playing all of the duo’s favorite tracks. Lachow finished his set with his smash hit Banana Goo Pie, accompanied by a female fan rapping his second verse word for word.


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Writer – Caleb Brown