Ok, let us put this straight, sadgods is definitely going to be the next rock star, and that’s a matter of time. We said that several times already, we know, but what can we say! That’s the passion we feel for sadgods music.

His latest single “I Can’t Lie” featuring Clay Novocaine and Tom The Mail Man infectiously sad and melting in equal measure, and its story will resonate with a large audience, Indeed, the song talks about being truthful in a relationship and not end up lying.

Blending elements of alternative rock and grooving beats, the track makes a solid first impression. A robust guitar backing provides the song’s foundational framework while sadgods, dynamic vocals maintain the listeners’ attention. The singer’s voice is expressive and through its various sounds functions as its own kind of additional instrument. is actually fairly unique and refreshing for contemporary music.

It’s laid back and chills, but the vocal presence of the artists is also commanding enough to assert itself and give the song a layer of intensity. The production is crystal clear and professional. “I Can’t Lie” does not sound like any other project, it stands out, navigates into the unknown and through contemporary art, like a painting, a canvas, quite simply a piece of art.

There isn’t a bunch of autotune or unnecessary processing. “I Can’t Lie” is an intelligent release that’s creatively structured, well-executed, and sonically satisfying. Don’t miss it.