Ryan Green The Serial Entrepreneur

Ryan is a 16 year old entrepreneur with over 200,000 followers on
Instagram (@ry4ngreen) and is the most connected high school student
that I have ever talked with. I got a moment to talk with him about how he
makes his income and how he became friends with some of Hollywood’s
biggest influencers.

When asked about what he does via social media to make his money Ryan said, “Basically
everything, I help companies achieve the presence they want on social media, whether it is a
small brand or a multi-million dollar company. I also market through social media, working with
rappers and artists to promote their music and upcoming releases.”
How did you start this journey of yours? “I started in middle school actually. I was growing my
first ever Instagram page other than my personal account. It was a sneaker news page,
highlighting when the new Jordan or Yeezy shoe would “drop”. I remember when it hit 1000
followers and I knew that I wanted to pursue this.”

Ryan how do you meet the influencers that you work with and who are some of them that stand
out? “I met bbno$ first and he was the first real celebrity I talked to a lot, and from there I just
expanded and expanded my network and now I am at a point where I am one to two steps away
from anyone in Hollywood. I text most of them on iMessage but my direct messages on
Instagram is where I first come in contact with most people, such as Jake Paul, Lil Mosey, and
Durte Dom to name a few.”


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