Phil Shaw – The Crypto Studio

R&B Artist Phil Shaw has built one of the most incredible studios you will ever see; and it’s so exclusive we can’t even post photos. 

Phil Shaw tore down a wall in his house to build the most epic home studio one could imagine. He added the addition to his home during the early days of the pandemic. The studio has speculations you could never imagine. It is complete with state of the art wooden sound-proofing, handcrafted by Chicago woodworkers. A soundproof glass vocal booth equipped for a full band is the heart of the studio, filled with Chicago Sports memorabilia. An autographed 1996 Chicago Bulls Poster might be the highlight of the vocal booth. Other signed photos of Michael Jordan, Patrick Kane, and signed Muhammad Ali boxing gloves surround artists as they record. There is no recording, photography, or videos allowed in the studio. 

An epic 50 channel soundboard, beats by Dre monitors, and an incredible sound system from a nightclub that closed during the pandemic are located on the other side of the glass, along with an incredible hallway with photos and posters of Shaw’s influences. Autographs including  Beyonce, Tory Lanez, and The Weekend line the walls. 

Now we know this is impressive, but what’s even more incredible:  the studio was built entirely with Crypto Currency. In 2016, Shaw put over $5,000 into bitcoin, bringing an incredible profit margin to the rapper worth 10’s of thousands of dollars. Shaw continues to invest, bringing local artists into his state of the art studio for an affordable rate. In a recent interview, he claimed “I just want to give back, and return my investment in the studio. The studio is booked through July, and come May it will have entirely paid for itself and turn a profit” 

The studio is at an undisclosed location, and does not have any contact info as it runs on a “need to know”, exclusive model. Shaw claims that if the artist is ready, willing, and has the work ethic, they can tour his epic studio. 


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