PeacefulPinder drops “Self Care” an Instant Mental Health Classic

PeacefulPinder offers an interesting take on his latest release titled “Self Care”. He shared with us, life is full of adversity for everyone. We can choose to give in or to give more, to get bitter or to get better. Everyday we are either ripening or rotting. We can choose to mirror the universe and face our problems instead of running from them. We can choose to meet the stressors we are facing and use them to help us expand our capacity for resilience, and perhaps even thrive as a result.

“I knew that change is one of the only certain things in our lives, and so I had that choice to make. I wanted to get better, and I knew that required me to give more. I wanted to try and accept this box of darkness and see it as a positive thing, a gift, as much as possible. For a long time I struggled with anxiety and depression. What got me through this turbulent time was writing my own self-care list and daily disciplines to stick too. Accepting the new perspective that self care and self love actualized is really discipline to follow through on our commitments to ourselves.”

PeacefulPinder went on to explain his perspective on self-care, which to him means we commit to taking an active role in safeguarding our mental and physical wellness, proactively and especially in times of duress and adversity.By definition, self-care means doing what is good for us, increasing our emotional and physical stamina, improving our self-esteem, and building resilience. Maintaining good self-care ensures that we stay compassionate, impassioned, and engaged. It means doing important work in one area without sacrificing other parts of our life. 

It means maintaining a positive attitude in spite of personal challenges and the larger injustices in the world. Self-care activities create daily improvement in our lives and have beneficial long-term effects. These activities are not always fun. Sometimes they even are boring, but once we realize we are worth it, it becomes a challenge to embrace daily. You can watch or stream PeacefulPinder’s new release “Self Care” via the links below. 

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