Our best discovery of the day is entitled “WE2LIT” and is delivered by PTLocgang

You might need to end your day the best way, thanks to infectious musical sensations. With PTLocgang’s new single “WE2LIT”, you have more than an addiction, a musical break, where you can listen to undeniable talent.

“WE2LIT” showcases PTLocgang’s creativity and talent. WE2LIT is addictive from start to finish  The music realization and production are flawless, and PTLocgang flow is coming straight from the future.

“WE2LIT” is a banger that you need to discover as soon as possible below. It ended up integrating our best playlists of the months, and we are sure it will have the said impact on you.

The incomparable flow, the unique recipe, the exceptional bars, the infectious positive energy: WE2LIT is definitely the track of the season, and even more…

Press play and keep an eye on PTLocgang: