From the first note, the rap banger is refreshing and offers a unique signature between trap and drill sonorities. The dark and haunting synthesizer of the outstanding flows, MAURY represents a new generation of hip-hop artists who bring new innovative vibes to the table.

The rapper MAURY introduces himself to the Hip-Hop game with a new release entitled “SUMMER”.

Some tracks have a melancholic vibe, that is what  “SUMMER”  is. There are elements of nostalgia and reflection. Musically, the song is casual and melodic, with bright, oceanic vibes. It has a bit of an early 90′s, retro feel even though the lyrical content largely relates to the 2020s.

“SUMMER” is catchy, quirky, and fun, while the tone implies an underlying sadness. It manages to enjoy the fruits of derivativity while creatively establishing its own identity. The brief hip-hop interlude adds another nostalgia-activating dimension.