Out now: “give it all to me ” by the beautiful and talented LOURVSSA

Captivating and outstanding, here are two words that come to mind when you listen to the first note of “give it all to me”, by LOURVSSA.

The song blends in melodic and soulful music, giving the track a sentimental backdrop that elevates the emotional power level. While LOURVSSA’s singing skills are enough to stand on their own, what makes the song interesting is that it’s put together artistically and with genuine style.

The title is actually appropriate, as the pacing is methodical and deliberate. There’s plenty of balance and discipline in the song’s progression Steady works as a late night drive song, yet it has a reflective and meditative quality as well.

The girl has good taste, and you can tell she really does put her heart into her music. There’s a coherent aesthetic vision here, and it works.

It’s very hypnotic. I expect we’ll be hearing more from these artist in the future. Definitely some potential here. “give it all to me” is a whole new musical world that you should discover right now, but be careful, you might be addicted: