If you are looking for unique sensations and infectious melodies let us introduce you to our top artist of the day Roxo.

Our best discovery of the weekend is entitled “Wu-Tang” and is delivered by Roxo. Wu-Tang” showcases Roxo’s creativity and talent for going from hip-hop to pop, passing by touches rock.

The music realization and production are flawless, and Roxo’s flow is coming straight from the future. Roxo showcases his talent for combining genres most unexpectedly. ‘Wu-Tang’ is an exciting musical journey through the unknown.

Roxo stands out from his peers and has the potential to become huge in the music world. Thank you for this musical gift!

“Wu-Tang” is a banger that you need to discover as soon as possible below. It ended up integrating our best playlists of the months, and we are sure it will have the said impact on you.