Today we introduce you to a young multi-talented artist ‘Sha’von , LL Cool V’. He has a fresh new upcoming track “Moving in Silence”. Exhibiting a dynamic sound that combines impassioned lyrics, raw emotion, and distinctive vocal tone is what we crave to begin a new month The track is yet to be released, but the artist was kind enough to give us a  preview and it totally blew our mind.

The song reveals a chill rap vibe and rhythms, flows between hip-hop and haunting vocals. The chorus offers a laid-back attitude, which bounces in our ears and grabs our attention from start to finish. It’s promising and we can’t wait to hear more of his futuristic artistic universe.

Not only their music unveils the best quality and vocal performance, but the song is also dynamic as well, with frequent changes and unpredictable beats and turns throughout. There’s a good chance we’ll hear more about this style of music, as I think it fills a certain niche and seems to parallel other trends.

“I feel like this is going be the one to give me the boost I need in my music career my last project I did was a valentine Ep and it ran up close to 200k streams and I have grown a fan base of 13k fans on Instagram,” says Sha’von.

We are in love with his voice, but it is not possible to compare them to other rappers: they just sound unique. A pure moment of music. Don’t waste one second, and listen to “Moving in Silence” as it gets released on various platforms, as this kind of talent deserves recognition.

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