Our redaction discovered the outstanding artist JayJayMf, thanks to his latest release, a powerful track entitled “Greenlight”, caught our attention from the first bars.

 And let’s be honest, it’s been a while since we did not have this feeling. The feeling to be listening to something special and unique. The hip-hop track offers many surprising sonorities, between rap, subtle touches of addictive beats, and above all, outstanding creativity.
He has a work of art, amiable conveyance style that is suggestive of the extraordinary parlor artists. His voice is fragile and charming yet likewise strong and consoling, as he makes a choice about his life and the sensation of being defenseless similar to how one can’t successfully get over the decisions one has.
As the title suggests, JayJayMf gives a charismatic and assertive performance. His lyrical delivery is brimming with sensual style and confidence. The rhythm is crisp and melodic accents in the mix round things off nicely in the music department. This song makes effective use of vocal layering, and the backing has a subtly dreamlike ambiance. 
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