Our redaction met with  Ryan Bauer, the very talented artist who we discovered thanks to “Argue”.

In an area where many singers sound the same as they follow the trends, Ryan Bauer delivers stand-out sounds combining soulful old-school production and refreshing melodic flow. By cultivating a commercial sound, yet creative and outstanding, and catchy melodies,  promises to be triumphant.

“Argue” is one of his best releases so far and took us on a journey through hip-hop and flawless production. The singer showcases his talent and artistic abilities for breaking the musical boundaries, for bringing new vibes to the table. this is what we expect from artists today!  

The backing beat on this track is futuristic and slick, with a nice, crisp bass that’s sure to bump in pretty much any sound system. Ryan’s delivery is dynamic and moves along in a rhythmic, methodical fashion. Occasional breaks in the beat help to shake up the song’s structure a bit, adding an element of complexity.

Bauer definitely has a consistent style and has cultivated his own distinct sound. The track is creatively structured and features an attention-grabbing intro. Bauer’s performance is packed with power and cosmic energy.
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