Meet Seattle based rapper Vic Daggs II

Vic Daggs II is a Seattle rapper who has just released his seven track project Eye of the Storm. Vic started to form the idea of making music his senior year of high school. After that idea formed into a plan, he applied to be a part of The Residency. The Residency is a Seattle youth program to help further those interested in music, and give positive outlets to youth. The organization also gives youth life training skills, and social awareness training. Daggs started music back in 2016 upon his high school graduation. It started when the artist took up a poetry class, where his teachers and other peers expressed he was vastly talented


Vic carries the social awareness that The Residency trained him in throughout his music, as well as his poetic roots. The artist touches on mental health and the various emotions that come with his life making his music. On the final track on his recent project, the rapper speaks on meditating in his room, and placing his entire life’s energy into music. In this concluding track like many others from Vic Daggs II, his poetic and Residency roots shine. Keep your eye on Eye of the Storm artist Vic Daggs moving forward, as his original sound and unique upbringing are sure to propel him to the top. 


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