Mal Holladay and IamChamel at The Hard Rock Cafe

There’s something about a female singer/songwriter, a calm night, acoustic vibes, and a nice venue that feels like a silk blanket coming over you. Mal Holladay of Seattle, Washington is that artist embodied, but don’t you dare limit her to just a singer/songwriter. 

Mal Holladay is not just the girlfriend of Marshall Law Band’s drummer, she’s a powerhouse artist of her own bringing a female face to Seattle. Saturday February 12th she took to the second floor of Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe. Surrounded by gear of Seattle legends such as Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix, Holladay brought her own signature style to the stage. 

Her voice is enough to melt you in your seat, with profound original songs serenading the intimate audience. However once she came back from her second set, she brought with her local rapper IamChamel, and the two brought a brand new energy chocked full of sass and bad girl attitude. Chamel’s spoken word brought tears to some eyes, and thoughts to hearts. Mal’s set concluded with some more originals, and powerful vocal performances. All in all anyone able to witness this understood one thing: Mal Holladay is a force to be reckoned with in the Seattle music scene.

Mal Holladay:


Writer – Caleb Brown