This is going to be a breakout year for vinn as he has released his much-anticipated single “my world that we have just discovered.

Stunning and delightful from start to finish, the track transports the audience into a unique musical world blessed by emotions and melodic elements. “my world” sends us straight to another planet.

The vocal delivery is stylish and conversational. The lyrics are clever and creatively spouted, both in terms of performance and the way effects are employed. You can just tell the artist has a clear vision of what he wants, and this effect definitely rubs off onto the listener. 

vinn doesn’t waste a moment of its roughly three and a half minute runtime, and listeners will be inspired to bust a move from the opening bell until well after they’ve finished listening to this radical jam.

With the smooth haunting guitars, the marvelous vocal performance, “my world” offers a few minutes of real music, simply and purely.

Listen now and enjoy: