Coming straight from London, our artist of the day goes by the name of lilheartbreakThe young artist knows how to stand out from the crowd which is a rare thing nowadays! His discography effortlessly blends acoustic melodies with haunting laid-back vocals. the atmosphere sends us straight into an ocean of sweet and beautiful sensations.

His latest offering entitled “Uprise”, caught our attention as its totally a new kind of music we heard in quite a long time now. It delivers a haunting and an upbeat rage and a unique experience to the audience.

We are always proud to discover artists that have a sense of musicality.  This is what happened with “Uprise”. This is the dopest track we have ever heard for a really long time. No doubt, no discussion.
We say it over and over, this is so rare nowadays to hear singers with flow, creativity, and technique. So when we found lilheartbreak and got to know his versatility, not only we are excited, but we also get addicted.

Lilihearbreak is, without a doubt, the artist of your weekend. Listening to his music is adopting it, immediately. Indeed, if you are tired of the same old kind of sound, and if you need a quality musical moment, lilheartbreak music is exactly what you need.

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