Kofi Gaza is Heating Up With His New Song “Buss Up”

After the massive success of his hit single “Blessings,” Kofi Gaza has followed up with another fan-favorite called “Buss Up.” The video shows Kofi performing in a luxurious penthouse while sipping on Hennessy. The song is doing well on major streaming platforms and even went trending on Audiomack.

In 2022 Kofi has a lot of new releases planned and even teased some major collaborations. With popular singles like “Winning” and “Blessings” bringing in thousands of streams on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music Kofi shows that he is destined for greatness in his music career. Kofi’s newest single “Buss Up” is a fan favorite and Kofi Gaza insists on following up with more hits and other surprises which he plans on announcing later this year.

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