Kiid Spyro’s Song “Homie” Surpasses 15k streams.

So I recently across a versatile artist Kiid Spyro. Australia’s finest yet quietest upcoming rapper of 2021 is Kiid Spyro. Being 19 years old out of Melbourne, Australia, Kiid Spyro brings a new excitement to the existing hip-hop scene. While building a foundation off of hard hitting songs and AMV’s paired along, Spyro amassed over 3.5 million streams last year independently with multiple YouTube platform uploads raking in over 1 million views total. His biggest success last year was his single ‘Fast’, which turned out to be his first solo million plays on Spotify. A Fortnite campaign was his key to success, teaming up with popular YouTuber/Gamer Serpent for a series of videos synced with ‘Fast!’ which led to a massive trend across YouTube. While stepping into a different lane creatively, Spyro plans on moving to the US this upcoming year and planting his flag in the US hip-hop scene.  

Kiid Spyro just dropped a new song “Homie” which is his first release of 2021. Following up on a massive 2019-2020 streak and a 5 month break over the winter, Spyro plans on giving his dedicated fans a brand new sound. This 5 month break from releasing was time for him to evolve as an artist and develop his sound.

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