JJ’s new song ‘If I Say So’ has electrified our day. Built over infectious and wild guitars, the track has a certain melancholic touch that sent us straight to a cloud of memories. The energy is communicative, and the singing line made us want to sing out loud with ‘If I Say So’ . 

There’s some nice backup vocal layering in the mix, which gives the track an enhanced, ethereal quality. The beat has a peppy, casual bounce, which balances the bittersweet lyrics quite well. On And On is a decent jam musically, but just as importantly, it seems like the artist was able to get a lot off his chest.

His distinctive voices combine to give the song a fullness, and the styles juxtapose nicely together. The flow is on point, and this guy really pack a lot of power in his delivery while somehow still managing to keep the music flavor-filled and emotionally expressive. 

This is a pretty formidable song on multiple levels. It doesn’t waste a single moment of its action-packed 2:11 runtime. ‘If I Say So‘ is the perfect track to accompany this new season. press play right now, you will unconditionally love it.