We have to say that the promising artist .irg  chose the right track to mark the world of music. Since the first notes of the chorus, we fell that powerful energy, our head did not stop moving. .irg introduces an exciting, emotional swing, ranging single in collaboration with  Andrew Narvaez and Elevate, and the new release is entitled “sweetie” 

.irg is an independent singer and songwriter of Lo-Fi Pop/Hip-Hop. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and this time he created something that is worth creating a buzz in the music industry. 

The indie-pop track offers many surprising sonorities, between genre-blending magic created by .irg and the other featuring artists making the track sound unique, with chill catchy beats, and above all, outstanding creativity.

“Sweetie” is a new world to explore, a musical experience that will catch your attention and feelings from the beginning. Although the song is incredibly diverse, .irg seals the deal with his incredible personality. There is ample sincerity going into this, and it’s always amazing to see artists who are genuinely connected to what they do, touching the audience with their personality and genuine ability to relate.

Within the track’s two-and-a-half-minute runtime, these artists manage to cover an impressive range of emotions, from melodic feel to reflection to sentimentality and beyond. Really though this is just a dynamic and full-spirited fantastic feel catchy jam. Great for pool parties and club activities or just late-night city drives with friends.

The backing beat is synth-driven and somewhat theatrical in nature. Overall, this is a solid, energetic, and worthy release.

“Sweetie” is without a doubt among the best 2021 songs!

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