Our daily mission is to discover the artists of today who will make the music of tomorrow. ‘In My Head’ by Lyr1c is a song from his upcoming album is called “Glance Into My Head” which is part of today’s gems that we needed to share with you.

Indeed, the artist offers an interesting artistic universe but above all intriguing in many ways. His latest single ‘In My Head’ is a clever mix of experimental pop and an alternative form of music with addictive vocals.

‘In My Head’ changes, the musical codes and this is what we admire the most in Lyr1c’s music.

He is also creative in his delivery, realizing when to take in a deep breath, when to pause and when to augment his flow. His transitions are suave while maintaining a regular vocal key. Lyr1c deserves all the accolades that come his way.

Here is how Lyr1c would describe “In My Head”:

My song my head it’s one of the singles of my upcoming album glance into my head. I made it when I wrote it when I wasn’t in the best mindset. I thought I kept messing things up. I only wrote the chorus and about 6 months later I finished the song and wrote the verse. It just hit 10k streams earlier this month. “It’s one of the singles off of my upcoming album”

Listen to “In My Head” below and draw your own conclusion.: