How Musician Mattykevs is Taking Over

In regards to being an artist, Mattykevs believes that you have to stand up for what you believe in; the same principle applies to his daily life as well. Matt’s mentality goes back to even his high school days; the quote “stand up for something, if not you’ll fall for anything.” can be found under Matt’s name in his high school yearbook. Remembering the quote he would often hear from his grandfather as a child “if not now then when, and if not you then who?”, it reminded him to always be in the moment and to be the person that takes action; whether it be building a life through chasing his dreams, or in helping other people succeed in achieving theirs.

Matt works alongside a cutting-edge entertainment industry & social media marketing company that helps up-and-coming artists conquer their dreams by helping them build an engaged fanbase and get connected to key entertainment industry professionals. Matt goes so far as to personally invest in his team’s success. Working tirelessly to ensure the success of the up and coming artists he works with, he even helps some already popular & established artists & personalities grow their already large audience on social media sites (and even music streaming sites) to be bigger, better, and more engaged.

It goes without saying that someone with the right work ethic and an abundance of love for music is going to go farther and take others with him.

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