Hip Hop’s Best Kept Secret: JuiceKarter

One of the most important figures for artists in the radio industry has also been one of hip hop’s best kept secrets. Gaining a buzz from radio has been one of the most impossible milestones for an up and coming artist due to the amount of money and relationships needed to make that happen. Rolling Stone reported that the estimated cost to promote a song on “urban” radio could cost between $100,000-$125,000. Most artists who are trying to get their foot in the door may barely make $2,000/month not including bills and extremes of costs of living.

Newer artists from across the globe have been experiencing the same frustration of trying to get their music played on radio, but have been left with no solution for decades. Some radio stations may have a weekly contest for local aspiring artists, but even if an artist is lucky enough to get chosen they can only get 1 radio spin to promote their music. Every artist’s goal is to get added to as many radio stations’ playlist rotation, so they can get as many spins as possible to break the radio charts. But how do you do that without $100,000? How do you break into the radio industry without a record deal? Who should you connect with to open the doors of radio success if you’re a newer artist? Well fortunately, there’s a radio industry plug giving opportunities to newer artists. His name is JuiceKarter.

As of August 2021, JuiceKarter has helped over a dozen indie and major artists break multiple Top 100 radio charts since January of 2014. In addition, he’s generated over a whopping half a million dollars in radio royalties while showing new artists how to own and collect their publishing from their radio success with him. In the midst of taking unknown artists through the ever changing world of radio, JuiceKarter has also put those same artists on tours, movies, and even magazines to collect more paychecks. To make a long story short, JuiceKarter did all of this on his own without asking the industry for help.

In a world where everyone and their grandpa makes music, the industry has become more saturated as each day goes by. Oversaturation has made it impossible for radio DJs, programmers and music directors at radio stations to keep up with what’s hot. So now, they prefer to work directly with record labels or those like JuiceKarter who are known to keep an ear to the streets. So many music promotion companies try their best to duplicate what JuiceKarter does for newer artists, but when you’ve put in the amount of work that he’s invested in the last 10 years – no one can compare.

Throughout JuiceKarter’s career as a musicpreneur, he’s continuously pressured the mainstream radio industry into giving newer artists a chance to be added to radio stations’ playlists. As more artists are convinced that it’s better to be independent, he’s put them in position to compete at a high level with some of today’s biggest radio hitmakers. Is JuiceKarter one of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets? Find out by following JuiceKarter below: