Today, our musical focus is on HellstrvckHis latest offering, entitled “Damage” featuring Paradise is a little gift that we invite you to discover right now. The track is musically upbeat and packed with passionate energy. Hellstrvck gives a solid and sincere rap performance

With real hip-hop and melodic bop energy, and heavy production, Hellstrvck gets the job done with power and creativity. He proves that young rappers have their place in the industry and he definitely stands out from the crowd.

We can sense in his voice that he really does feel the emotions he’s expressing. Style-wise this is actually a pretty unique melodic bop song, with an atmospheric backing creatively juxtaposed with fairly straightforward, sentimental vocals. This is good stuff, real and personal.

A rush of raw emotions and melodic synths that highlight Hellstrvck’s vocals, “Damage” is exactly what we needed to start off the weekend. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Stream it Now: