We all know how Port-Au-Prince, Haiti is one of the most exciting places when it comes to music. And when we discover artists like Gleewos, we understand why. 

He introduced us to his debut EP “GENE$I$” featuring three other artists with a bombastic drum groove underscore a hummable hook and his magnificent vocal, “Copy My Wave”, “The Moment” seesaws between hard-hitting riffs and hypnotic melodies.

The hard-hitting production, the perfect sense of the musicality the creativity in a world where many artists sound the same, Gleewos is a different gem to discover and his infectious vocal performances: this is what we call a blend of HipPop/Rap, RnB, and even Afro music.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Dontwannaseeyouanymore” moves like a sunny and upbeat rap but cuts much deeper lyrically and he ends the set with the acoustic retro vibes with “TIME”.

The amazing and unique vocal lines, the surprising creativity, and hooking rhythms: all of the five tracks are a beautiful surprise, one of the best this month.  The backing music lines up the exhibition, habit-forming, a stream that stands apart from the other artist. 

We know that the artist has a lot more potential for being useful, so we anticipate more melodies in the coming weeks, and we just can hardly wait for it. Much obliged to you for this melodic piece, it’s anything but an exercise of good music. 

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