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Shak STZY is an up and coming artist based in Berkeley, California. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Juice WRLD and The Kid LAROI, Shak has proven that his knowledge of the melodic rap space is extensive. Combining his wits (an EECS + Business Major) with his endless passion for music, Shak has not only taken control of his artistry, but mixes and masters all of his tracks by himself, and produces many of his tracks from scratch. Shak asserts that his primary motivation for making music is to break the stereotype that Indian American kids can only grow up to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers. While he has always had a knack for music (picking up over 50 instruments by the time he was 12 years old), he didn’t really consider it to be a passion until quarantine hit, at which point he started hopping on his own beats. Shak says his insanely efficient workflow combined with his drive to pursue music (he worked from the afternoon until 7-8am every day for over 5 months on his musical pursuits) has enabled him to experiment with various genres and learn what works much faster than the average artist. Shak currently makes music in his dorm room in a cartoonish 2 by 1 closet, but his studio and setup haven’t stopped him from making hit after hit. His creative flows and melodical ideas, combined with his rapid off-the-cuff writing style (Shak made his smash hit “Falling Off” in 20 minutes in his dorm room) have poised him to take over the melodic rap scene in 2021. We are more than excited to see who he gets signed by before he blows up.


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