Although the electronic subgenres and urban music are currently dominating the charts, there are a plethora of exceptional artists who are creating their own unique sound to not only stand out in a crowded industry but to truly showcase their art and quality.

DripLee is one of those artists that offers a whole musical universe. His single “better without you”, is compelling thanks to soothing pop-punk vibes and the cinematic atmosphere in his music video is everything our redaction has been craving for a while. 

This versatile artist is an Alternative Rock/Pop Punk artist while still having some Hip-Hop style influences in his music as well. For the Alt Rock & Pop Punk side of things, he is heavily influenced by Chester Bennington, All-American Rejects, and of course Travis Barker.

DripLee is creating a lot of buzz in the industry. Most emerging musicians create mainstream-oriented tracks in hopes of going viral, DripLee stays true to himself by delivering music truly filled with authenticity, hard-hitting beats, intense guitars, and drums along with interesting and memorable lyricism.

“Better without you” brings together intense and fiery themes of strength, passion, emotions, feelings that send you to a different planet altogether.

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