Elena Benocci Releases Honest Single “Man Enough”

The music industry is one of the most competitive and tough to enter into, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you work hard and take the appropriate measures, whether you are a musician, an artist, or a producer, you may still have what it takes to break into the music industry.


Here is one example of an emerging sensation in the Industry and her name is “Elena Benocci”. An artist who took her baby steps in the musical world at the age of nine performing at “The Sound of Music” Tour for half a year and eventually receiving a scholarship for Italia Conti Theatre at the age of eleven. Achieving such opportunities at a young age made music part and Parcel of her Life.


Elena has been on our list because of her recent endeavour “Man enough”, a song from her recent EP which is a collaboration of her with the Inscape’s Production. “Man Enough” is a complete package of good videography, high-quality music, amazing lyricism, and catchy beats, Elena has never failed to amaze her listeners with her Unique craft.


The Different experiences of Elena’s life have been written down on paper making her a remarkable songwriter. Being able to produce her own music video made an excellent impression of hers and her passion for Music.


During our recent chit-chat with Elena Benocci and asking the inspiration behind creating these songs of her EP, she disclosed many reasons which are truly exciting to share.

Elena added that She never intended for this EP to be depressing; instead, she wanted to convey her life, not only the pandemic, and communicate many events and incidents that she had experienced by taking charge of her life. The song expresses her feelings and what she wishes she could have spoken if she had been strong enough at the time. Elena never knew she needed life counselling until she started writing these things down on a sheet.


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