We are music lovers, but we also love atypical routes, people who make the music great and stand next to artists in the shadow. We think that we don’t speak enough about them.

Today we had the pleasure to meet one of them: Nomadic Voicean Indian viral rapper/producer who comes from a state called Kerala also called “God’s Own Country” who started to music at a very young age and who later embarked on the rap adventure to develop his activity. His single ‘Drunk in a Shaappu(Kottupaattu)’  finds the generalization and contextualization of music into singular non-expansive genres. 

We say it over and over, this is so rare nowadays to hear rappers with flow, creativity, and technique. So when we find Nomadic Voice and got to know he is based in India, not only we are excited, but we also got addicted.

The music video was edited by VMK and also vocals and lyricism by Dhanwin KB, both the artists delivered a quick, gritty, and street-like track full of grooving beats to dance out to the fullest, that is featuring Nomadic Voice. The song is essentially  Nomadic’s representation of the city he identifies with that is full of energetic dance vibe and fun all in all.

 The audio quality is solid, even though the mix is intentionally organic and low-key. This jam is definitely fun to listen to, but I highly recommend checking out the video to experience the full effect. It features old-school visuals and footage of a totally legit-looking home studio.  A worthy and original effort, “Drunk in a Shaappu(Kottupaattu)” offers a sneak preview of more cool things to come from this up-and-coming artist.

Also interesting is how chill rap with dance is adapted here to create a distinctly Indian sound, thus lending itself to a newly recognizable, emerging sub-genre itself. Nomadic is a talented rapper and does a fine job of representing the region musically and we suspect there will be a growing respect for music produced by artists in that part of the world.

 Stream it now and enjoy the song which has already crossed more than 19 Million streams on Youtube now: