“Dreams Make a Difference”: the best EP of February, by DMAD

Let’s be honest: DMAD is by far our finest find of the month, and perhaps of 2022. We can tell he’s ready for international fame from the first notes of his music. You’ll notice that we recognize anything remarkable when we hear it.


The great singer has just released a terrific new EP called “Dreams Make a Difference,” which has a catchy, vibrant, upbeat rap musical formula from the first track. The album demonstrates that he is the type of musician that doesn’t get stuck in one genre and can seamlessly merge pop with subtle R&B and cinematic ambiance.


The EP was dropped on 26th January with a total of five tracks which is remarkable. DMAD in this EP has shown the desire to live one’s dream, adapt to a new lifestyle and hurdles, or the substance abuse that come along with it. The creation of the EP was inspired by the response received by the artist when his single  “World is Spinning” was a top parade gaining traction from the record labels and eventually, his dreams were coming true.


So what makes him unique from the others. Well, it is the implementation of various genres within the Hip Hop sound. He also fuses a little of EDM which only a few can perform successfully and this is why DMAD is exceptional


From ‘Live my Dreams’ to ‘Can’t Do,’ each tune is highly recommended, and we can’t decide which one is our favorite. They’re all worth listening to.


Why waste time!


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