Donutello Releases New Single “Falsetto”

Hip-Hop Artist Donutello releases his highly anticipated record, “Falsetto” and it’s a banger! This smooth Record consists of silky vocals with a very melodic beat which has worked well for Donutello in his previous music. He refers to God in the single by saying “I’m steppin’ for the Big steppa”. He has always been very unashamed of his expression to God in his music and did not let us down with this record.


The Record is just shy of 3 Minutes long and is the perfect song for a sunny day cruising down a long road. “If you opposing, you high in the head like Falsetto”, this is the tail end of the hook and in other words is saying that if you are against God then you just be intoxicated and/or “High in the Head”. The extremely catchy hook and ear grabbing melodies creates for an amazing record and surely the perfect comeback record for Donutello.


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