Don’t Miss Spokane’s Networking Nights

On the first Monday of every month, local musicians and industry professionals gather at Saranac Commons in downtown Spokane. Free pizza, music, cheap beer, and great talks fill the air as the heart of Spokane’s begins to beat. Spokane promotion company HaveUHeard? has promoted shows with Spokane powerhouses such as Jango and Indian Goat, put on shows in Tri Cities, Seattle, and is yet to disappoint. Their monthly music networking events have become a smash hit with the 509 music scene and are a must-attend for any Eastern Washington music professional. 


February’s meeting boasted about 60 people in attendance, all with unique genres, backgrounds, and roles in the industry. Seemingly most of the Spokane music industry was in the room. Some large names like rapper Jango, director Justin Frick, and mogul Ryker Beard made their way throughout the room with artists one, two, or ten years into their career. All are welcome at these events, and dialogue for the ages takes place. In a mere two hours, one can gain 25 new contacts and find a variety of new artists for their local playlist. 


These networking events are free to all, and take place at Saranac Commons the first Monday of every month. You can follow HaveUHeard? on instagram for more updates on the next meeting. 

Writer – Caleb Brown