As we are starting a new month, we needed to find the best track that would set the tone.  Our artist of the day Tony Ro$e has met our expectations thanks to his spectacular new single “Tax Free”. This joint is produced by platinum producer KanielTheOne who is also responsible for songs like Chris Brown and Young Thugs “Go Crazy”

This delightfully hard-hitting track is first-class hip hop. The backing melodies have a smooth, haunting quality that gives the song a certain mystique and element of suspense. Tony Ro$e has a confident, no-nonsense delivery style but also manages to come across as rather poetic.

The minimalist mix allows the listener to appreciate the captivating cadence of his voice, which itself provides a hypnotically rhythmic anchor for the music in its own right. The lyrical delivery is smooth and engaging as well making it a perfect rap song rhyming with a determined intensity. 

There’s obviously lots of rap talent on display here, and the creative “Tony Ro$e” musicality elevates the track into something uniquely avant-garde and memorable. The beat is crisp, while the chime-like synths create an almost heavenly, ethereal ambiance. This is really just a great heartfelt hip-hop chill rap song. 

Play  ” Tax Free” with the Spotify link now: