Our discovery of the day, Lilconscious, an American rapper who is paving his path to success is one of the most promising artists we came across this fall

In an area where many artists sound the same, he stands out from the crowd. His latest musical gem “Ashes” is really difficult to label or describe with conventional words.

From the beginning the notes are catchy and it fills your soul into a genre-blending track between freestyle rap and emotional melodic elements. the recipe is unique, and the vocal performance is flawless, like honey.

The atmosphere, the poetic energy, everything is crafted to capture and hold the audience’s attention from the first notes. “Ashes” combines rhythmic melodies with intriguing cinematic elements and moments.

The ambient soundscapes add a certain intensity that haunts us from start to finish. The track is epic and brings us into a psychedelic musical journey through the unknown. We don’t want you to miss this masterpiece.

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