We listen to a lot of music in our daily lives, but we’re always on the lookout for that one song that gets us hooked. Few artists exist in the industry that is part of a generation that creates compulsive work.


But there is one song that all must give a listen to. It goes by the name “Alone” by remarkable artists named FMV. 


FMV along with his music engineer who is responsible for all the mix and mastering, also known as Fritztheengineer were able to create the classic.


The artists belong from Westbury, New York have been successfully creating classics after classics every time captivating the attention of the listeners including his fans. Besides, he got a text billboard in his hometown featuring his new endeavor “Alone”.


The artist has added all the elements that are worth listening to. From the sound quality to the lyricism, everything is absolutely worth it. 


The song is about how FMV does everything on his own and never accepts help; he constantly waits for his day to shine. Also, given his success and clout, ladies would try to approach him. He sings about how he is the king of the town in his song. Furthermore, he is constantly striving to be the best.


Coming to his career highlights, in 2017 his first song “Flexing” got an optimistic review and was also hated at some time. He worked on himself again to prove himself that he is worth the Industry. FMV is all set to turn everyone’s head with his exceptional talent.


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