AIN’T NO FALLIN by Young Boy Miracle is Magic, Surprising, out of this earth. The song is made for dreaming. It takes you on an endless journey through pure melodies and cinematic landscapes. It plays with your imagination, leaving you in peace.

Young Boy Miracle proves himself to be a capable songwriter. His voice seems well-suited for this style of music and gets the job done. It comes through nice and clean, too. It’s not all loaded up with autotune and abrasive effects. The recording is robust, and the backing music is actually kind of rocking. This is a pretty straightforward and solid jam.

The melody becomes quite catchy after a couple of listens as well. This single has a dreamy musical flow, and the beat has a nice boom to it. I would imagine this jam would sound even better in the car with the bass cranked up. This is the dopest track we have ever heard for a really long time. No doubt, no discussion.

“AIN’T NO FALLIN” catches your attention from the first bars and highlights the artist’s talent for words and flows. His vibe perfectly completes the minimalistic, trap production.

Dive into it right now: