Today our focus is from Hollywood, California:  Luke Nolimit, an artist manager,  who is in the music industry for years, has always made sure to share his service in leading the artist from behind would bring out real gems in the music industry for the charity of the world.

According to him, everything starts with setting up the studio session with the right people, producers, songwriters, and engineers. Then actually creating the product and taking it to a label or artist to begin the rollout of a marketing plan for the record. 

In today’s music business things move too fast because of the digital era we live in. There’s a mildly disturbing trend that’s been developing over the last decade or two. Many corporations are becoming more like cults insofar as the indoctrination, motivation, and recruitment methods they employ in their management.

But Luke really takes into consideration the hard work of his artists and really puts forth all his energy in getting the artist recognized. His humble nature is what makes him way different than other managers. He believes in growing together that is along with  Jimmy Duval, a multi-platinum producer on his journey.

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