As the sun is finally shining and that we are starting to really enjoy our summer, we needed to have the song that would accompany this season. Our best discovery of the day comes at the right moment, and it is thanks to  Fr6nco, who has just released a  hit album entitled “Love is Madness”.

Battering your eardrums with foot-stomping rhythms, “chain-smoking”, one of the strongest songs, reveals truly enthralling sequences and is insanely addictive. Musically, I think it might be the most impressive on the album.

It’s tough to say though because from a technical perspective “the ca$h”  is clearly a pro in the album. I admit I’ve never heard such passionate singing on one album itself,  but this is a major quality album release (which may not mean as much anymore given the state of pop music.)

This is exactly what we needed in order to disconnect from reality. A real moment of pure music, no lie, no trick. This is the best musical experience for a while, travel through the future. 

Be ready to jump into it right now: