We discovered the singer thanks to his latest offering, a mysterious song that blends pop melodies with mixed pop hints and memorable vocal performance.

HighJak talent exposed to music and singing at a young age. He always had a talent for blending genres and express her limitless creativity.

After the successful release of Can’t Catch Me. The single is an excellent record with a nostalgic vibe throughout. The track flawlessly infuses genres such as pop, and melodic rap well as he delivers an alluring vocal performance. 

A game where many songs sound the same, “Can’t Catch Me”, showcases a new vision, a versatility between mesmerizing vocals and vanguard flows, and above all, HighJak offers us a unique signature through a new kind of catchy music coming from another planet,

Overflowing with dreamy reverb and deep ambiance, Can’t Catch Me the song feels like an instant classic. Musically, the melodies are colorful and innocent, and you’ll quickly find yourself singing along with the lyrics. The pace is peppy and you will definitely not get bored. 

Play now and Enjoy: