This is the right time for our redaction to start the new month with a bang, and that came to an end with our best discovery. Our selection without a doubt is Deafpigs, the band we discovered recently is among the acts that made 2021 with their new transform.

Deafpigs, also one of the most productive bands, lately released their debut single “YESSIRR”, a surprising track that unveils a hip-hop piece with a beautiful dose of experimentation and happiness. “YESSIRR” is so eclectic and evocative, that we could imagine ourselves driving through a cosmopolitan jungle and hearing the world’s music all at once while listening to the single.

Adding the diversity of the group’s members with the high energy talent of those members, Deafpigs looks to be the next game-changing collective in the experimental Hip-Hop scene, and their surprising debut single entitled “YESSIRR” made our day.

Sunshine and positive vibes in an infectious and spacious groove are what you will find in “YESSIRR”. The Supergroup is getting you straight up to hip-hop music heaven. Exactly what we needed musically.

Listen now: