CRWN Royel, an young budding music talent taking the industry by storm

CRWN Royel is a musician who was born in Cleveland, Ohio. But that’s not all! He is a man who has accepted responsibility for himself since he was a child.


He began performing as a child, forming his Hip Hop Group “Noise,” and is noted for embracing a wide range of musical styles and vocal range. Her accomplishments were well-known throughout the Midwest.


His young Latin West Indian mother supported her family by working various jobs while still attending school and modeling. Royel and his brother spent the majority of their youth on East 131st Street with their grandparents, who helped their mother raise her fatherless children. Royel’s abusive father was the lead vocalist for the funk band “Scott & Raven,” but he was also a drug smuggler and abusive, leading to their divorce.


His mother’s childbirth pains would be triggered by his performance and interactions with other ladies.

At one of his father’s concerts at Vale’s on East 105th Street, Royel was born.


His ability to cultivate vital relationships in the city through his writing. This led to collaborations with musicians and DJs like Future’s Doe Boy, Ray Cash, California 300 ENT’s Derek King, DJ Steph Floss, Nas’ Mass Appeal signee Ezri, Machine Gun Kelly’s Tezo, Marcus Alan Ward, and Lorine Chia, to name a few. He was hired at several venues in New York City, Ohio, and Connecticut.


His determination to keep going despite the hardships he faced is commendable and deserves to be on everyone’s list.

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