Camila Colominas & Raelee New Album “Heartbreak Hotel”

Camila Colominas is an artist worth paying attention to. Her musical and gorgeous album “Heartbreak Hotel,” which she co-wrote with another brilliant musician  &, is a living masterpiece that captivated us from beginning to end.


Camila and Raelee have put their heart and soul into crafting, which is a combination of small sweetness, melodious and lovely rhythms. The desire to create something pushed both singers to collaborate on the duet R&B record “Heartbreak Hotel,” which has become a smashing success.


The album consists of 8 tracks, and each of the tracks has its own unique vibrant craft which the audience will enjoy while listening to it.


When asked to choose the finest point of her career, she said the release of their single ‘Bad Habit,’ which is the EP’s seventh track, was the best part of the experience. Bad Habit has gained 8,000 streams in the last 24 hours and currently has a total of 12,000 streams. This was a huge deal for them because it was one of their first major achievements. This was also a significant thing for them because they are inexperienced performers from Kansas City.


The latest release from Camila and Raelee is by far the most addicting of the week.

The artist provides a hefty dose of drive and a wonderful musical voyage through her passionate, provocative, and forceful artistic personality.


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