Bezzle: “Hard work always pays off,”

I was born in a small town called Bartlesville Oklahoma. My mom’s side of the family is native so that’s where most of that side of my fam is from. My pops are from Atlanta so that’s where that side of my family is from. I grew up in the Kansas City/Lawrence, Ks area. Moms had me when she was 15 and was a single parent. I didn’t get involved with my pops till later.

I always excelled academically in school but had a behavior problem. I had an uncle that lived in LA who is my favorite uncle so I started fuckin with him heavy when I was younger. Going back and forth to visit him. He caught a bid and had to do some fed time. I ended up jumping in the street, moms was a dope dealer and also ran a pretty big and legitimate daycare operation, I did my own thing. My uncle got out of prison and I went to live with him in LA permanently until I decided to go back to Kc. When I was 16 I moved on my own and got busy in the street. Moms ended up catching a charge and had to go away so that forced me to re-evaluate my life.

That’s when I decided to pack up everything and move to LA. Started off as a chef then quit to pursue my dream full time and it’s been cracking ever since.

My influences are my uncle and my dad. My dad was an Atl rapper that went by the name Mr. Niles. He was signed to Def Jam and raw deal records back in the late 90s. That’s where my bag for two came from. I grew up listening to 90s r&b and hip hop music. Moms really put me onto my genre interests. She was the shit we grew up together. My rap influences are mostly east coast influenced. Nas, Jay, meek, Mac Miller, etc. People like crooked I and Nipsey are also in my top. I don’t really like these new Lil niggas too much. I fuck with Durk and Lil baby tho.