Almost the end of the summer. We needed to grab on something, on a musical surprise that would help us start the month the best way possible. Here comes our album of the day “AUTOBIOGRAPHY” by Youngdaville.

This ambitious release contains 12 full tracks. True to the title, the tracks in the album speak of the situations in almost everyone’s of our lives at some point in time and the motif is consistently revisited throughout and incorporated into the lyrics. 

The musical backing usually features a dramatic, piano-driven beat, which keeps the action at a moderate level of intensity. Young’s delivery is laid back and unique. You can just tell he’s having a ball performing these jams.

My favorite track has got to be “DISCONNECTED”, which is incredibly catchy. More importantly, though, the song is creatively mixed, using some clever vocal structures that I have to admit I wasn’t expecting. This is a lively release and Youngdaville deserves some credit for putting together this epic project.

From the first notes, we knew that we were listening to something special. Pop-infused melodies, trap beats, and haunting guitar notes: this is what the album offers full of outstanding tracks. Also, Baby Col featuring on some of the tracks adds more value to the tracks. Bewitching and addictive!

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