Banger of the day : “Spring Rush” By PsychCloned

It’s no secret that listening to great music may transport you to another world filled with positive emotions. Some musicians have the ability to convey vitality and enthusiasm in your spirit on a dreary weekday when you need to set the tone. Our Topic on Emphasis will be PsychCloned’s “Spring Rush”.


With the imminent release of the new smash track “Spring Rush” on Streaming Platforms as of  March 18th, he demonstrates his ability to blend genres and exhibit the power and melodic storytelling component of instrumental music.


“Spring Rush” is a collaboration of PsychCloned with Ryan Jones who played the Guitar and Space Hobo who was on the drums making it a Jazzy Pop song.


In a manner that words could never express, this warm and uplifting instrumental tune depicts the sensation of a new beginning after a long winter. Ryan Jones’ guitar lines are whimsical and evocative, while drummer Space Hobo’s beats stretch out beneath ever-changing harmonies. It’s the ideal music for a sunny spring day.


Our discovery today is an artist who is talented and loves to experiment with sounds from different genres and also from around the globe. We are looking forward to “Spring Rush” and we can’t wait to hear what new songs and stories he will share with us next.


Stream now on Spotify