BabyG is New Rock and Roll

In the mid 2010’s, hip hop officially became the largest musical genre in the world. Hip hop officially became larger than rock music in almost every country on earth. Rappers are the new rockstars. They are controversial, establish pop culture, and everyone wants to be one. South Florida rapper BABYG is a perfect embodiment of a new age rockstar. 

“Rappers were larger than life to me as a kid, almost like super heroes” he claimed in a recent interview. G’s father was a DJ, giving the rapper his own in-house rockstar figure. His father would always throw house parties and his oldest brother, a battle rapper, was listening to his favorite rappers with their posters all over the walls as the two grew up. BABYG set out to become a modern day rockstar like his brother and dad. The south florida rapper has certainly done this. With over 12,000 monthly Spotify listeners, 21,000 instagram followers, and many successful stage dives under his belt, G is living the rockstar lifestyle.

Surrounded by beautiful women and luxury cars in his videos, we can see that BABYG is exactly what he set out to be; an emerging rockstar. The only thing he is missing is the mansion and world tour, and with the trajectory he is currently flying: both of these are clearly coming soon. 


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